Occupational Safety and Health Administration Certificate Offerings (OSHA)

The OSHA 10 Class

Taking the OSHA 10 hour training course, sometimes referred to as OSHA 10 certification, covers the most important and dangerous conditions for a particular job situation. There are various dangers in any job site and workers need to know the correct way to do their job and prevent injuries.

Many States Require the OSHA 10 Hour Class

Many states, government agencies, and individual jobs require workers to have the OSHA 10 card before they enter the job site. Specifically, New York State, Massachusetts, Nevada and New Hampshire require the OSHA 10 card for all workers on public funded projects of varying sizes.

OSHA Safety Training At Aviation High School


We here at Aviation High School offer our seniors and 5th years students, the opportunity to get the OSHA 10 cards in both General Industry and Construction Industry. Our staff are authorized outreach trainers and certified CTE teachers that offer over 25 years of industry experience to our students.


OSHA Safety Training Summary

The OSHA 10 training courses have greatly improved worker safety in the construction industry as well as other industries.

Companies want the best worker so having the extra OSHA certification can be a good incentive.