Physical Education and Health Grading Policy

Our Physical Education/Health Department motivates students to adopt sensible approach to physical activity that lasts a lifetime. During each PE class students will challenge their minds and bodies. Our goal is to positively develop students physically as well as mentally and emphasize good character. The Fitness Gram allows students to track their health and fitness throughout their schooling. These reports provided longitudinal data which students can use to modify activities and achieve optimum health/fitness.

2017-2018 School Year

Term 1: Fitness Gram, Basketball

Term 2: Fitness Gram, Soccer, Volleyball

Physical Education Grading Policy

Classwork: 60 %

Skill Assessment: 30 %

Fitness Gram: 10%

Health Grading Policy

Exams, Quizzes and Project: 60%

Homework: 20%

Classwork: 20%

Athletic Teams

Baseball Boys Jr. Varsity

Baseball Boys Varsity

Basketball Boys Jr. Varsity

Basketball Boys Varsity

Basketball Girls Varsity

Bowling Boys Varsity

Cricket Coed Varsity

Cross Country Boys

Golf Coed Varsity

Handball Boys Varsity

Indoor Track Boys

Indoor Track Girls

Outdoor Track Boys

Outdoor Track Girls

Soccer Boys Varsity

Tennis Boys Varsity

Volleyball Boys Varsity

Volleyball Girls Varsity

Wrestling Boys Varsity